2016 Western Regional Association Tournament.  Morford Mallets win again.  Jim Hanks Champion,  Jim Butts Runner-Up, both playing with Morford Mallets

Ben Rothman wins 2016 British Open Singles Championship.  Ben is the first North American player to win a British Open Championship Title.

​The Open Championships have been contested since 1867;  It is arguably, the most prestigious title in the croquet world.

Marylin Morford & Jim Butts

Jim Hanks, Rich Sheely, Jim Butts, Bob Morford

Marylin and Jim win 2018 Hi-Low Doubles Tournament.

Blake Fields (11years old) won second place playing Ben Rothman in the USCA Western Regional Golf Croquet Tournament.  2018


2016 North American Rating  #1                2016 World Ranking  #7

2014 USCA Western Regional Championship.  Jim Butts/Bob Morford beat Jim Hanks/Rick Sheely winning the Doubles Trophy.  All four player using a Morford Mallet.

Ben "HUNTER" Rothman

Blake and father Justin won First Place Doubles in the USCA Western Regional Golf Croquet Tournament 2018.

Justin and Blake Fields

​​​Ben Rothman Receiving Trophy from USCA President Johnny Mitchell.  Both play with a morford mallet.

Ben is the first player to have won all 6 National Titles (single and doubles in AC, GC, and USCA).  Ben is the first player to hold all six titles simultaneously.  See Testimony on Customer Comments Page.