Ben has been playing with his "HUNTER" Morford Mallet since 2009.

Blake is a Protege of Ben Rothman.  Ben started working with Blake when he was 8 years old.  Blake's parents Justin and Janet are extremely supportive.

Blake and father Justin won First Place Doubles in the USCA Western Regional Golf Croquet Tournament 2018.

Justin and Blake Fields

Both play with the Morford Signature Mallet 

Ben is the first player to hold all six National Titles (singles and doubles in AC, GC, and American rules) simultaneously.

Ben has won 20 National Championships and been a staple on US International Teams since 2008.

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Ben "HUNTER" Rothman

ABOVE, in 2019 Ben Rothman became the first American to win the World Championships of Croquet with a Golf Croquet victory in Southwick, England.

Blake Fields (11years old) won second place playing Ben Rothman in the USCA Western Regional Golf Croquet Tournament.  2018


2008 - 2019 North American Rating #1

2019 World Ranking #1 GC and AC

Ben Rothman wins 2016 British Open Singles Championship.  Ben is the first North American player to win a British Open Championship Title.

‚ÄčThe Open Championships have been contested since 1867;  It is arguably, the most prestigious title in the croquet world.