Michael Todorovich

​Thank you Bob and thank you for the magnificent mallet.  The guys I play with regulary are amazed at how much the mallet has improved my game.  The head feels heavier than my carbon fiber mallet and the ball comes off it softer.  I changed my grip and swing with more wrist cock and the results are astounding.  I stuffed only one wicket in the last 3 games. 

The mallet has taken me to a new level of skill.

Carl Mabee

It's been several years since I took possession of your wonderful mallet and I wanted to give you an update.

After a period of time for adjustment, the mallet became very comfortable in my hands.  Because the shaft had no rotational deflection on the slight mis-hits, my shots became incredibly more accurate and reliable.   Although the mallet is heavy, it performs extremely well on fast courts (less so on very slow courts due to lack of mallet head speed in my hands).  It has brought to me the winning of the 2016 USCA Championship Masters Tournament at NCC and the 2017 Lobster Classic in Ellsworth, Maine.  It has performed well and decidedly improved my game.

Carl was the 1994 USCA National Champion in American Rules in both Singles and Doubles and the 1996 Doubles Champion.

Johnny Mitchell

​Hi Bob, just wanted you to know that I won my first tournament playing with your mallet and lowered my handicap.  I'm sure the more I play with it the better I will perform.  It created some interest here in Florida.

Thanks, Johnny

2014 USCA Western Regional Championship

All 4 winners (Singles and Doubles) won playing with a Morford Mallets.

Jim Butts, Bob Morford, Jim Hanks, Rick Sheely

Ben Rothman, Mission Hills Croquet Pro.

I have played with great success with the Morford "Hunter" Mallet including the 2010 MacRobertson Sheild, beating (now #1 in the world) Robert Fletcher.

I have had my best seasons with the Morford Mallet because it is perfectly balanced and well weighted for my game.

I used the Hunter mallet to win 6 out of 6 National titles in 2012 and many more to come.

The wide mallet face and extra-large sweet spot produces great results even when I hit off-center on my roll shots. The custom grip is perfectly fitted to my hand size so there is no tendency to grip too tight and negatively affect my stroke. The resilient wood is extremely durable thanks to the precise construction and I have not so much as loosened the brass face from the mallet in almost 3 years of heavy hitting, world travel, and wear and tear.

I recommend Morford Mallets to anyone I teach not just because of the great Mallets, but because Bob has shown the determination to follow a customer's vision until they are entirely satisfied with his beautiful creation.

See you on the lawns, Ben

Bob Kroeger demonstrates long shots with Morford Mallet.    CLICK TO VIEW

I contend I would not have had as good results with any other mallet I own. Some of it could be placebo but I think the very wide striking surface, the bottom heavy weight keeping the mallet from wavering laterally and the shaft being so rigid and thick so as to prevent torquing gave me this many successful shots. The one dreadful shot included was one where my feet were not aimed correctly and the swing went way to my right.

This mallet feels great, it is gorgeous and crafted to the highest quality.

Bob Kroeger

Wayne Davies

Dear Bob, what a work of art your mallet is.  The wood is really beautiful isn't it?  I haven't shown it to many people yet, but those I have are blown away by its looks.

But more important to me of course is the feel of the mallet in my hands.  I always look for that indescribable "feel'.  Are you a Harry Potter fan?  "the mallet chooses the player, not the other way round"...and my mallet has a lovely "clunk"...with the mallet absorbing most of the vibrations/impact and NOT my arm! (this by the way, is what I dislike about carbon fiber heads).

I am glad I didn't choose a lighter weight, as on my lawn it is just right.  My acid test is whether or not I can, from the south boundary directly in front of H1, load H2 well and hold nicely in front of H1.

I am also glad I chose the 2" x 2 1/2" face size...which seems just right for hampered shots around the hoop.

I haven't hit many split shots with it yet, so I cannot compare the metal faceplate to what I have on my other mallets.

Rushing and long roquets have been excellent.


Dr. Jim Collins

I spent about five hours with my new Morford over the weekend - artificial turf, cold, windy, etc. - It plays beautifully.

As I noted previously the Morford has wonderful feel - good feedback from the strike, but nevertheless nothing wispy about the shaft.  With respect to feedback I am remarking about both the tactile - how the strike feels in my hands - and the aural, your mallet just sounds good!  Not the disconcerting "clank" or "thud" of other mallets - just a nice resonant "whack".

It is also a very powerful mallet (probably due to the shaft and the weight in the head) - long rolls and drives work especially well.  It will play wonderfully on our lawns in Central Park this summer as new grass has been planted (a mix of rye and bent) and will not be cut as short as in previous years.  The only shot which will require some work ( and it is my weakest with any mallet) is the stop - probably a mixture of the head weight and stiff shaft.  John Riches comments on this with heavier mallets in general and the need to allow for a little extra roll on the striker.

Again, terrific work!  Will keep you posted and all the best.


James Hanks

I won the 2015 Canadian Open "AC" Championship with a Morford Mallet!!    Woopee!!