Bob Morford is a retired Structural Engineer. He has handcrafted wood projects for more than 40 years.  After taking up the game of croquet, he has experimented with mallet head and shaft designs.  Many of his mallets have been tested by low handicap players who offered favorable comments and recommendation for improvement. There are many Championship and First Flight Croquet players that are playing and winning with a morford mallet.
After receiving feedback from many players testing these mallets, he has determined that everyone has different ideas about which mallet works best for them.  Some players like narrow long heads and some like low wide heads.  Some like limber shafts, some like rigid shafts.  Which-ever configuration you choose, he handcrafts each mallet to achieve the maximum torsion resistance for that particular configuration and desired weight.  You can actually specify your own custom mallet which Bob will optimize.

During the 2014 Mission Hills Invitational American Tournement,

Bob scored 26-2.          Known as a "half Spooner"

Bob and Marylin Morford are members of the Mission Hills Croquet Club.  Bob was the Club Treasure for the 2011/2012 season.                     Click here to view MHCC WEBSITE