These mallets were designed for Croquet Clubs.  They are ideal for new players to introduce the game and use while they develop their shots and get an idea of the type of more expensive mallet they would purchase.

The mallet head is 2" height x 2 1/4" wide x 11" long, crafted with Laminated Red Oak with an inlayed sight line.  The face plates are a very hard Canvas Phenolic.  These mallets are end weighted with lead for greater Moment of inertia  which improves the torsional resistance.​

​The shaft is 1" diameter Poplar x 36" with Field Hockey Grip.

You can specify head and shaft length and mallet weight between 32 oz. and 48 oz.

Single Mallet PRICE $210              ENGRAVING $30       

FOUR or MORE Mallets $190 ea.  ENGRAVING WITH CLUB  NAME $25

​When ordering for clubs you may want to order different lengths and weights so that members can feel the difference.