Ben Rothman wins 2016 British Open Singles Championship.  Ben is the first North American player to win a British Open Championship Title.

​The Open Championships have been contested since 1867;  It is arguably, the most prestigious title in the croquet world.

2016 North American Rating  #1                         2016 World Ranking  #7

morford mallets BEGINNING

Ben was not real satisfied with his previous mallet.  One evening over a glass of wine, Ben designed his most perfect mallet on a cocktail napkin.  Bob took up the challenge and built the "HUNTER" mallet, (HUNTER, Ben's middle name).

The mallet was so well received that a new company was launched.

Ben has been playing with this mallet since 2009.

​​Ben Rothman Receiving Trophy from USCA President Johnny Mitchell.  Both play with a morford mallet.

Ben is the first player to have won all 6 National Titles (single and doubles in AC, GC, and USCA).  Ben is the first player to hold all six titles simultaneously.