​​Ben Rothman Receiving Trophy from USCA President Johnny Mitchell.  Both play with a morford mallet.

Ben is the first player to have won all 6 National Titles (single and doubles in AC, GC, and USCA).  Ben is the first player to hold all six titles simultaneously.

Ben Rothman wins 2016 British Open Singles Championship.  Ben is the first North American player to win a British Open Championship Title.

​The Open Championships have been contested since 1867;  It is arguably, the most prestigious title in the croquet world.

2016 North American Rating  #1                         2016 World Ranking  #7

morford mallets BEGINNING

Ben was not real satisfied with his previous mallet.  One evening over a glass of wine, Ben designed his most perfect mallet on a cocktail napkin.  Bob took up the challenge and built the "HUNTER" mallet, (HUNTER, Ben's middle name).

The mallet was so well received that a new company was launched.

Ben has been playing with this mallet since 2009.