morford mallets BEGINNING

Ben "HUNTER" Rothman was not satisfied with his previous mallet.  One evening over a glass of wine, Ben designed his most perfect mallet  on a cocktail napkin.  Bob took up the challenge and built the "HUNTER" mallet, (HUNTER, Ben's middle name).

The mallet was so well received that a new company was launched.

Ben has been playing with his mallet since 2009 and is ranked one of the top players in the USA and World.

Learn more about Ben on the Rothman/Field Page.


Croquet mallets for those players who want the tradition of a Handcrafted Wood Mallet and the 

             Handcrafted for perfection

              "Performance you can feel" 

      email:                   Cell: 760.902.4992

​​​​  performance of a mallet that has a wider sweet spot that gives maximum resistance to torsion.

Each mallet is custom built.  The customer can specify the head height, width, length and weight.  There is a choice of Exotic Woods and a choice of 3 different shafts.  Each mallet is balanced with Brass End Plates to achieve maximum Moment of Inertia for the mallet head chosen to achieve the best torsional resistance for those straight shots.